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Wimee Learns About Money

Wimee Learns About Money

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Join your favorite robot Wimee from the show Wimee’s Words (as seen on PBS) as he learns about what money is and how it works. Readers will have fun as they discover earning, spending, saving, giving, and other money facts.

Wimee is excited! He has received some money from his grandmother as a gift. But he isn’t sure what to do with it. Join Wimee and his friends Moby and Siblee in the park, as they get a lesson in money facts from Mr. Bill. Then follow along as Wimee puts a plan together for how he can use his money.

Wimee Learns About Money includes:

  • Wimee’s friends featured on the Wimee’s Words television show
  • Bright, engaging illustrations that bring Wimee’s imaginative world to life
  • A note to parents and educators with ideas on how to use the book to further learning
  • An early introduction to financial concepts like how to get money (invest, receive a gift, or earn), the purpose of money (to buy things), and what to do with money (buy things now, save it to buy things later, or use it to help others).
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