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The Campground Kids: Yosemite Fortune

The Campground Kids: Yosemite Fortune

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Sometimes the greatest treasures are hidden in plain sight.

The Campground Kids begin their next journey in Yosemite National Park. Their trip gets turned upside down after learning that treasure has been hidden somewhere in the park—over one million in gold and precious gems. Once the kids discover that their long-lost great-uncle is involved, they insist on joining the hunt.

As the family begins their adventure, they run into twin brothers, Brody and Brock, and their father. While Brody seems friendly to the crew, Brock and his menacing father are determined to locate the treasure and will resort to ANYTHING to find it!

Join The Campground Kids as they hunt for the hidden treasure. Searching with thousands of other hunters, solving misleading clues, and avoiding eavesdroppers…will Isaiah, Sadie, and Ethan score big or will someone else find the Yosemite Fortune first?

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