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The Campground Kids: Yellowstone Sabotage

The Campground Kids: Yellowstone Sabotage

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“Just as I thought—a boot print!”

The Campground Kids are ready for their next adventure backcountry camping at Yellowstone National Park. Expecting a peaceful sightseeing vacation, the kids quickly realize this trip is far from relaxing. They suddenly find themselves stranded in the park, threatened by grizzlies and bison. To top this off, the kids run into a scientist named Dr.Y who needs their help.

When they learn Dr. Y’s equipment is mysteriously missing, Isaiah, Sadie, and Ethan eagerly jump to his aid. During their search, the kids find a peculiar boot print next to one of his stations. This discovery sparks the question of the real reason behind the lost equipment. Was this the help of a concerned tourist, or is there a saboteur in their midst?

Join The Campground Kids in the backcountry, uncovering the truth behind Dr. Y’s missing equipment and discovering if real sabotage is taking place in Yellowstone National Park.

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