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The Campground Kids: Glacier Vanishing

The Campground Kids: Glacier Vanishing

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“If you're a Tuff'in, you ain't nothin'!"

As The Campground Kids head to Montana to visit Glacier National Park, they find this trip is nothing short of bizarre.

It all starts when their truck breaks down, and they use a loaner from a local displaying an odd bumper sticker. On their way into the park, they are nearly run off the road by another driver. While setting up camp, they hear yelling in the distance between two people. To top it off, Ethan insists a yeti is running wild in the woods.

After the dust settles, the family decides to play an innocent game to see who the stealthiest person of the group can be. Each of the family members takes a position, and the game begins. But Isaiah soon senses something is wrong.

Suddenly, without a sound, they all vanish...

Did a yeti really exist? Was this all coincidence or was something bigger at play? What happened to 1he Campground Kids in Glacier National Park? 

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