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Common Questions

Are my dates available?

When you fill out a book fair application, it will only let you proceed if your dates are available. 

How long should my book fair run?

We have found that the best fairs last one week. Many schools set up their book fair on Friday afternoon so it is ready to open first thing Monday morning, then start packing up Friday afternoon so it is ready for Monday morning pick up. 

If I’m a homeschool group can I still host a book fair?

Yes! We strategically planned for public, private, and homeschool groups to host with us. If hosting an in person book fair for a homeschool group, unless you have over 100 families, you will need to pair it with a church congregation or community shop day! We want you to hit that $2,500 threshold so that you earn full rewards. 

How much does it cost a school to host a SkyTree Book Fair?

ZERO! We are so happy that it doesn’t cost a school anything to host a SkyTree Book Fair. 

How do you prescreen the books?

We prescreen our books for explicit content, sexual material (including LGBTQ), pornography, foul language, CRT and dark magic. We also do not carry books published by Scholastic. 

Do you re-stock throughout the week for schools?

We do not currently offer re-stocking throughout the week unless you are in the greater Houston area. We hope to get to this point soon! 

Can I host a book fair in Canada?

Unfortunately at this time, we cannot accommodate schools outside of the United States. We hope to go worldwide soon!

Do you send a register?

We use Shopify POS Go Systems. Depending on your school size, you may receive 1-4 devices. These devices use a specialized pin to track your book fair sales. It makes the close out process super simple and even tracks your daily sales for keeping an accurate drawer!

How are things shipped?

Our goal is to offer schools, of certain criteria, the rolling carts in the Fall of 2024. Until we have the funding and the carts are completed, fairs are shipped via boxes separated by category for ease of set up. We also will include some displays. 

Do you only carry books?

No. While it is optional on the application, you may select if you would like products (erasers, pencils, fidget spinners, etc.) at your fair as well. 

What can I buy with SkyTree Bucks?

You are able to purchase books at your fair or in our online selection with your SkyTree Bucks. SkyTree Bucks expire one year from the invoice date. 

How many tables do I need to display if my shipment is in boxes?

We recommend having about 6-8 tables on hand if your projected sales are between $2,000 to $8,000 dollars. For a projection of $10,000-$20,000, we recommend about 10-12 tables. We have ample creative ways to display if space is limited!

What happens when I fill out an application?

Once an application is filled out, you are locked in for those dates. Please ensure that you are ready to host when filling out the application. Once your dates are approved, you will be given a term sheet (online) or agreement (in person) to sign. 

Are there marketing materials? How much do they cost?

We provide schools with ample marketing materials, from digital to physical materials. These include flyers, digital posters, a banner, yard signs and more.