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Character Still Counts

Character Still Counts

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Stop Protecting Your Reputation. Start Building Your Character.
In a world of social media snapshots and cable news sound bites, we’re often more concerned with our outer image than we are with our inner make up. But in the end, integrity trumps image. You can look good on the outside without being good on the inside.
If you long to commit yourself to what matters most—the content of your character—join bestselling author James Merritt as he explores 13 overlooked traits that form the bedrock of a godly life and a good society. Along the way, you’ll encounter surprising role models—flawed people who failed spectacularly, overcame adversity, and went on to live lives worth imitating.  
In a world that has abandoned the virtues and values that matter, this book offers a clarion call to return to a simple message: Character still counts. It always has, and it always will.

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