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A Crocodile Should Never Skip Breakfast

A Crocodile Should Never Skip Breakfast

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A wickedly funny cautionary tale about the perils of missing the most important meal of the day! Croc is running late for his shift as the river ferry. No time for breakfast. He'll pick up some donuts at the Hippo Hut. Only, Hippo's sold out! Good thing Croc has an emergency snack. Except, his banana has gone bad! Croc is going to have to work on an empty stomach, with loads of animals on his back. Croc gets hungrier and hungrier, thinking of donuts and ... other things to eat. Will he ever make it to lunch? Author and illustrator Colleen Larmour keeps the suspense level high in this playful picture book, with a fast-paced story told mostly in dialogue bubbles, spreads filled with animal antics and bright tropical colors, and funny, exaggerated depictions of Croc's growing hunger. A delicious romp, this book also serves as a terrific reminder that food is fuel.

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