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Princess Faith's Mysterious Garden

Princess Faith's Mysterious Garden

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Is your child a fan of princesses and fairy tales? Join Princess Faith in this charming picture book based on the Parable of the Sower in Matthew 13:1–23, which helps teach young readers ages 4-8 about having faith and trusting God’s plan—even when things don’t happen right away.

In Princess Faith’s Mysterious Garden, Princess Faith wants to plant a beautiful garden at the castle. When she discovers a hidden area inside the castle walls, Faith wastes no time asking her father, the king, if she and her sisters can plant flowers there. She and her sister enjoy sowing, watering, and watching the seeds grow … but the princesses and Faith find out that planting things gardening is not as easy and simple as they thought. When some incidents occur that cause the garden to stop thriving, Faith must discover for herself how her garden grows best, and also learns about how things can grow in her own heart.

Princess Faith’s Mysterious Garden:

  • Has beautiful full-color illustrations
  • Presents biblical themes and values in a fun and approachable way
  • Is the perfect book for princess lovers ages 4-8
  • Has a lovely cover that features bright tones and a fairy-tale feel

Author: Jeanna Young

Great for ages 4-8 years old!

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