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Paws Off My Cannon

Paws Off My Cannon

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In Dana Loesch's book "Paws Off My Cannon," follow Bongo, a daring and hungry gorilla, who loves eating food, especially mushroom-shaped cupcakes. But one day, a villainous hyena shoots a coconut at Bongo and his friend Bonnie. Bonnie is so upset at this misuse of coconut cannons that she suggests the village ban all coconut cannons. Bongo thinks that the hyenas are the problem, not the coconut cannons.

Their debate splits Mushroom Village, and when the hyenas return, their views are tested. Will Bongo and Bonnie finally see eye-to-eye or will one side prevail?

    Author: Dana Loesch

    Great for ages 4-12 years old!

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